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A long-term approach to our wellbeing, James Morrison, Chair of the Secondary Principals Council, Principals Today #127
The demands on the teaching profession during the lockdown were extremely high. During an unprecedented response to a national pandemic we pivoted to online learning, the scope and scale of which had never been tested. Our communities were stressed, welfare and pastoral concerns were high, connectivity was an issue and the pace of change felt relentless.... [Read more, page 6]


Principals and senior leaders: how are you feeling?, PPTA Te Wehengarua
Principals and senior leaders have been crucial in ensuring schooling could continue through the COVID-19 pandemic, but what has this meant for your wellbeing?...[Read more]


Violence, long hours, and stress: The state of New Zealand's teaching workforce, Stuff
Teachers are experiencing significant levels of stress, burnout and in-classroom violence, a new NZEI Te Riu Roa study has found....[Read more]


Teachers want action as student assault rates on staff escalate, Stuff
Teachers being hit, kicked and bitten, chairs thrown and windows smashed – these are some of the scene that play-out in Kiwi classrooms as the number of physical assaults on staff has almost doubled in five years....[Read more]




Stress and long hours for school leaders at all-time high, NZEI Te Riu Roa
More than a quarter of primary school principals and leaders are working more than 61 hours per week. And the teacher shortage, which is impacting on class sizes and students' education, is the fastest growing source of stress for school leaders (a 71% increase since 2016)... [Read more]







Hope distance education will increase respect for school principals, ABC Radio Melbourne
“The latest Australian Principal Occupational Health, Safety and Wellbeing Survey has found 40 per cent of school leaders have been exposed to physical violence. Deakin University Professor Philip Riley, who helped lead the survey, says he hopes distance education has given parents a "new respect" for teachers… ” [Listen to the interview]


One in three principals face stress and burnout – report, The Educator Australia
“A growing number of school leaders are being pushed to the brink by massive workloads and conflict with the parent community, the latest study into principal health and wellbeing has revealed…
 [Read more]




One in three principals are seriously stressed, here’s what we need to do about it, The Conversation
Principals (including principals, assistant principals and deputy principals) are nation builders. They play a vital role in shaping our society and significantly influence our children in ways academic and non-academic, well beyond graduation. They help mould our future leaders, the success of the economy, and us as a nation. [Read more]




Bullying, threats and violence: report details the difficult job of a principal, The Conversation
“Today, the annual report on Australia’s school principals’ health and well-being was released. The findings should serve as a wake-up call to policymakers, parents of school-aged children and the population in general...” [Read more]


School principals at higher risk of burnout, depression due to workplace stress, survey finds, ABC News
“Results from the Principal Health and Wellbeing Survey 2017 revealed almost half of respondents had faced threats of violence at work, and one in three had experienced actual violence…” [Read more]


Principals facing high rates of violence, bullying in schools: survey, The Age
“More than a third of principals in Australian public schools are experiencing physical violence and bullying at work and more than half are being threatened with violence, a new survey has found…” [Read more]


2017 principal health and well-being report released, The Educator Australia
“The 2017 Australian Principals Health and Well-being Survey Report, which was released today, is the seventh annual survey that provides data about principals’ exposure to issues of stress, burnout and offensive behaviour…” [Read more]